Q: Can I take Revitalise and Nourishing Energy at the same time?
Yes! The two products contain a powerhouse of nourishing vitamins and minerals that will be a deeply replenishing addition to your daily wellness routine.

Q: Are your beef organs grass-fed?
Yes! All our beef organ products are grass-fed, grass-finished and certified organic from Australian cattle.

Q: Are your products Halal?
Yes. Our beef organs including the gelatin capsules are 100% Halal certified.

Q: Can my children take your products?
Nourishing energy is safe for children. I recommend 1-2 capsules a few times per week. Some mothers give Revitalise to their children in a half dose, however, we advise speaking to your health care practitioner before doing so as some ingredients in the formula aren't recommended for children under the age of 15 years.

Q: What is the best time of day to take Honour Wellness supplements?
Any time of day that works best with your daily routine. The key is to be consistent so pick a time that suits you. Ideally 1-2 hours away from consuming caffeine like tea and coffee as this can affect the absorption of some of the nutrients.