Our Story


Honour Wellness was created following the birth of my second daughter when I started experiencing symptoms of postpartum depletion. I had been either pregnant or breastfeeding for 7years straight while struggling with severe sleep deprivation, as both my daughters were very wakeful during the night. I was stressed, fatigued and easily overwhelmed.

When I began talking about my symptoms, I discovered many mothers shared similar experiences of struggling with intense fatigue, irritability and difficulty concentrating.

Combining this with my innate passion for natural wellness remedies, I made it my mission to create a rejuvenating supplement that eased stress and fatigue in mothers.

It took one full year of trialling and testing various formulations, with my love and appreciation for all mothers being my inspiration and driving force the entire way. 

Revitalise Superblend is a nourishing wholefood and herbal powerhouse aimed to restore a mother's health and vitality while raising a family.

With love,